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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Slowpoke, Feb 20, 2013.

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    I knew I shouldn't go out looking. It was my day off, wife and son both working, 8 day stretch of work in front of me. But it had been some time since I had allowed myself to look in the LGS's around me. Plus, my birthday was coming up next month. So I used that as an excuse to see what was out there. I knew prices had not even come close to settling down, but I told myself "What the heck, I'm not gonna find anything anyway". Famous last words!

    So I'm down at the Clackamas Gun Broker, and nothing seems to strike my fancy. I either have the handguns on the wall, or don't like them. So I move to the long gun area. Lots of Shotguns, .22's, and odd calibers. A few AR's, but still way too much $$$.

    Then I spy it from the corner of my eye. I already have two variations of this rifle, but there seems to be something a little different about this one. The wood is old and not in great shape, the finish is old and somewhat worn, the sling is a bonus but nothing special, and yet something still calls out to me.

    I pick it up, and there's no price tag. I ask the young man (who has helped me many times in the past) about it. He checks with another worker, and tells me the price. A little steep, but not by much. I ask him if he could go lower, but he says it's pretty firm. I tell him I'll think about it.

    Looking around some more, I keep going back to "my" rifle. By this point I'm pretty sure I'll be taking it home with me. But still not 100% convinced. I ask one more time about the price, and he's firm. So I motion to the owner (who has also helped me many times in the past)and tell him I'm interested in that rifle, but need something to sweeten the deal. We finally agree on the original price, with a package of rounds thrown in. I tell him to write it up.

    I fill out the paperwork, put my thumbprints in the proper places, and pay the cashier. They give me my rifle immediately, and thank me for the purchase. I ask them how long the bc will take, and they tell me I was approved while I was halfway done with the form. Thank goodness for computers.

    So I got my birthday present over a month early. To most of you it will not seem like a special gun, but something about it spoke to me. So without further ado, here it is. It will stand beside my 91/30 and M44.




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    I bought my first one of these last year as a project and have to say I fell in love. Happy birthday to both of you!

    Also, if you are interested in stretching her out, I found these rear sight replacements just today.

    Nagants | Mojo Sights

    Probably costs a little over half what you paid for the gun, but what the hell.
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    Sweet looking baby. Congrats on the find.

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