nc star railed dust cover for ak

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    just got this recently with a polish tantal. it fits loose on the tantal and i dont really care to scope the rifle so i didnt really tinker with it to see if i could get it to fit tighter.

    anyhow looking to trade this for something i will get more use out of.
    here are a few things i am looking for.

    5.45x39 ammo (lets say 150 rounds)
    scope mount for mkii target pistol (one that doesnt require drilled and tapped barrel)
    hogue grips for mkii target pistol
    lower handguard for the tantal (black)
    gp100 holster (fobus evolution) (bianchi 7506 s4, 7000)

    cant get a pic to upload on here for the life of me so here is one i uploaded to image shack. here ==> Imageshack - opplanetncstarscopemoun.jpg

    beaverton area only, wont ship and dont want to travel more then 10 miles or so

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