Mueller Optics 2-7x32 Rifle Scope $85

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    Bought this a few years back, and it's now been on three different rifles, and it's always held it's zero. I always figured I would put it on one of my AR-15's, since it would be just about perfect for it, but since I sold off my AR-15's.....well, I have no need for it anymore.

    It has an illuminated reticle, butler creek flip-up covers, original box and camo cover.

    It does have some rings marks on it, from the doofus at Joe's that mounted it on my Vanguard (2nd rifle it was on), but it still functions well.

    Here are a couple photos of it mounted on a couple of the rifles I have had it on:

    Crappy photo of the reticle....made harder since it's not mounted on a rifle right now.

    Photo showing the ring marks.

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