MP 40 w/Apex FSS trigger options

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by omenwolf, Mar 4, 2013.

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    On iPad so if grammar sux sorry.
    I shoot uspsa, mostly production with a cz sp01. I want to get into limited so I got a MP 40 range kit for $500 new at my local shop to start off with. I wanted to get the core but spent 2 months looking and got tired of waiting when I saw the range kit.
    So I just ordered the Apex fss trigger kit, and ram. Along with some Dawson precision target sights. I will also be ordering some taran tac +5 mag ext for the 4 mags I have as well as a mag well.
    I was wondering if any one has experience with the reduced power striker and recoil springs with the Apex FSS kit? If so what's the winning combination?
    If all goes well in limited I will still keep my eye out for a long 40 core and transfer all the goodies over and try open class.
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    I really like my APEX FSS kit. Very nice smooth pull and super short reset.

    Working on getting a JPoint micro red dot installed next.

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