Mossberg JIC case only avaliblity and purchase information

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    Mossberg JIC tube (case only) availability and purchase information. I searched the web for this info and was unsuccessful except for someone who had a tube on Ebay for $100. I saw many others asking the same question in various forums (ie, the question "Where can I get a Mossberg JIC carry tube for my shotgun"). Mossberg responded to my (second) email. To anyone looking to take a shorty Mariner or Persuader out on a boat or just want a case to keep your shorty shotgun dry for whatever reason (hiking in the rainforest?), Mossberg sells the JIC cases directly by themselves. No shotgun, knife or pliers with it of course. No foam insider either. Here is the information on how you can buy them.

    17970 is the OD green part number. Having the part numbers will speed the call.

    Good luck!

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