MOSSBERG 500A ROADBLOCKER w/ Extras (very nice)

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    I have for sale a Mossberg 500A roadblocker. Not used a lot, and cleaned after every time.

    I have some ATI extra's for it.. the rubber butt-piece on the stock might need replacing, but it never bothered me.

    I'd be willing to throw in the little .380 shown for the right deal.

    All together I spent near $800 on this weapon.
    I'd Like to get $475 for it.
    It'd come with the ammo pictured - the shredder, and + 2 door busters.

    I would much rather trade though.
    I'm looking for a 1911 .45 to trade either straight across, or add the .380 for the right deal.
    I'd prefer just a Mil. Spec. Springfield 1911, But I'll be open to offers.
    The worst I can say is no :thumbup:


    You can reach me at (541)-646-6514
    (texts or calls)

    2010-08-17 11.55.00.jpg

    2010-09-21 12.16.11.jpg

    2010-09-21 12.18.12.jpg

    2010-09-21 12.18.59.jpg

    2010-09-21 12.19.36.jpg
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