WTB OR Mosin Nagant M38 rifle

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    looking for the mosin M38

    I would like it to be the following:
    > All matching numbers
    > Woodstock must be in good/great/excellent condition. I am not looking for a project. I personally like the darker woodstocks but i will not be to picky
    > The bolt must lock tight and not have alot of wiggle room
    > Must have all the parts. Cleaning rod, etc. NO MISSING PARTS
    > Looking for 1943-1948
    > Hex or Rounded I am not picky
    > Comes with the army sling
    > Good trigger. not to sloppy

    If you have one please contact me asap. Depending on the condition and how much it meets what I am looking for will depend on the price I pay

    Thank you
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