WTS OR Mk 14 Mod 0/Mod 1 collection w/tools & spares

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    The time has finally come to move on and sell off my M14 collection. This is likely the most complete collection of 'correct' components that will ever be sold for the Mk 14 Mod 0/1 as a package, and many parts have been discontinued or are not easy to obtain.

    Rifle itself is approximately a 1.5-2.0 MOA (168/175 gr. FGMM) LRB action, barreled with a SEI Mk14 18" barrel. Hand loads brought it down to ~1 MOA, but I would still call it a 1.5 MOA shooter. When it arrived from SEI, many regular readers of the 'Modern M14' forum may know that it shot poorly. It has been professionally re-crowned and the op-rod guide land has been knurled to bring it down from ~8 MOA to where it sits today. I don't feel that it can be made more precise without a barrel change.

    I have divided this package into 5 groups; barreled action, Mod 0 chassis, Mod 1 chassis, tools & spares, and original USGI stock.

    Barreled Action:
    LRB M14SA Receiver
    SEI 18" Mk 14 Standard Profile Barrel (M80HT)
    USGI Rear Sight
    SEI Bolt Stop
    SEI Gas Cylinder (M80HT)
    SEI Gas Plug (M80HT)
    Sadlak Gas Piston (w/o NM groove)
    XS Hooded Front Sight
    XS Large Aperture Rear Sight Leaf
    TRW Bolt
    TRW Op-Rod
    Sadlak NM Spring Guide
    SEI Guide Pin
    SEI Trigger/Hammer Pins
    TRW Trigger Group (TRW hammer included, but unusable - please inquire)
    1x USGI Magazine
    6x Check-Mate Magazines
    6x Magpul (Black) Loops
    Buffer-tech EBR Sling

    Mod 0 Chassis:
    Sage Mod 0 Chassis
    SparrowHawkM14 Dummy Selector (professionally installed by Ted Brown)
    Sage Mk 14 Pistol Grip (original)
    Falcon/ERGO 4373CB Rail Covers
    Knight's Armament Bi-pod Mount
    Sage Vertical Fore-grip
    Harris 1A2-BRM Bi-pod
    Tank's Speedy Knob
    SEI Flash Hider
    Badger EBR Rings (NSG color)
    SCSB (installed on action, pin-screw modification)

    Mod 1 Chassis:
    Sage Mod 1 Chassis - as issued (extended rails, laser markings, etc.)
    Tangodown Rail Covers
    Tangodown ACB-4 Bi-pod (FDE color)
    Tangodown Vertical Fore-grip
    SureFire FH762KM14 Flash Hider (still in package)
    Larue LT-608 Scope Mount
    Nightforce A118 Rings
    USGI Clip Guide (not installed on action)
    Magpul CTR Buttstock
    Magpul 1.25" Cheek Riser
    VLTOR RE-2 Extension Tube

    Tools & Spares:
    USGI Tool (original, NOT the Bondhus multi-tool)
    Sadlak Gas Cylinder Wrench
    Badger Bolt Roller Greaser
    Brownells Flash Hider Tool
    Drill Bits - 3 sizes (Gas System Cleaning Tools)
    USGI Flash Hider - has not been NM reamed, could use a refinish
    USGI Front Sight - Standard and Intermediate (fairly rare) width
    Commercial Front Sight - NM width
    USGI Spring Guide Pin
    USGI Trigger/Hammer Pins
    USGI Rear Sight Leaf - Standard
    USGI Bolt Stop
    USGI Gas Cylinder - finish wear, but not pitted
    USGI Gas Lock
    USGI Gas Plug - worn, still serviceable
    SEI Gas Piston - older model, works fine but was only tested for ~40 rounds

    USGI Stock:
    USGI Stock - I think it's birch; decent condition
    USGI Hand Guard
    USGI Barrel Band
    USGI Op-Rod Guide
    Badger Stock Liner Tool


    Pictured Nightforce scope is NOT included, but the rings/mount are! Photos of non-pictured items available upon request. If there are any doubt in part numbers, please ask, or see the link in my signature (on the M14forum) - if it's in the spreadsheet, it is more than likely the part on my rifle.

    Things that are missing to build as-issued rifles:

    Leupold Scope (Mod 0) - still available
    Laser-etched bolt (Mod 0) - never commercially available, but can be found

    Nightforce Scope (Mod 1) - discontinued
    Dummy Selector (Mod 1) - still available
    Docter Optic MS01 3.5 MOA (Mod 1) - discontinued
    Wilcox Red-Dot Mount 35101P01 (Mod 1) - still available
    SureFire 762K-DE Suppressor (Mod 1) - discontinued/limited-production
    Eagle Ind. FNH-ESS 1.25-DEB Sling (Mod 1) - never commercially available

    Parts omitted in the interest of using upgraded components:

    SAI 18" Bush Barrel (Mod 0/1)
    USGI Spring Guide (Mod 0/1)
    USGI Gas Piston (Mod 0/1)

    Asking price is $8000 OBO for the entire kit - I am being optimistic so please make reasonable and serious offers, I do have a specific price range in mind for sale. Each sub-group has been priced individually, but at this time, I am not willing to split anything aside from the USGI wood stock group.

    Unfortunately, I need to ask for all payments within 48 hours now. I can't afford to get strung along for weeks at a time, potentially missing other interested parties - if you don't have the money or don't intend to complete a purchase, don't make an offer.

    Here's a few more photos of how the rifle sits now (had an offer on the Mod 1 stock I couldn't walk away from... but they backed out):

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