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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by madderg, Mar 5, 2010.

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    I have rcently purchased a Ruger mini 14 Target rifle. I changed out the springs, put a 1911 recoil buffer on it, bedded the action and put on a ACI adjustable gas block .625 works....I just proved that the target rifle can shoot 1 inch or less at 100 yards..and it was cold with a 10-15 mph wind into my face most of the time. The tuning of the balencer is time consuming, but very repeatable. The first load was a Sierra 53 gr. Match with 25.3 grs. of H335 OCL was 2.220 with a light crimp. After a while fiddling with the tuner I settled on 1 full turn in. I got 1 group at .494" and 1 at .711" Defiantly under 1 inch!! Next was Hornady 55 gr. V-Max with 25 grs. of Reloader 15...could probably go 26 or so. OCL 2.240 with a light crimp.[taper crimp] I ended up with the tuner to the end of its run at 4 full turns in. I got 1 group at .785" and 1 at .449" I think this can be better at 26 grains of Reloader 15. Next time. I still have to work on the round I think will do the best. Sierra 60 gr. HP over 25.4 grs. of Reloader. Forgive my math mistakes in the terrible pictures from my cell phone. I love this rifle, and so did the other shooters at the range, they swore it couldn't be a mini 14...shoots to good! These are 5 shot groups. When tuning the loads, a half turn might send your rounds as much as 10 inches or more in another direction. At time I was aiming at one target, and hitting another...great practice for quick re-zeroing of the scope. The clean up after 180 rounds was sooo easy!! I love this rifle. Ruger has really worked to improve their products, thanks Ruger!!


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    great to hear of your success with the target mini. I have spent some time trying to get my older series mini 14 to shoot. load development, & a good trigger have been the key to getting fair groups with my current rifle. I have had good luck with speer 52gr hp
    & 25.5 grs of h335. wsr primer. LC brass
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    Scope it, bed it, trigger job and you can pull 2"-3" groups.... Mess with the barrel harmonics and you can reduce to 1" or less.

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