Mini-14 & Mini-30 Wooden Stocks

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    I am looking to sell my 2 Ruger Mini wooden stocks and the barrel shrouds.

    My Problem:
    I changed out my Mini 14 wooden stock and Mini 30 wooden stock for the ATI fancy black rifle stocks. Hell, I think I changed out 3 or 4 but, I sold a couple. Now, a few years later, I know which one is the Mini 14 stock because it has small depressions in the wood (kinda like a gouge but there is no raw wood showing) because I've had it since 1989.

    The other Mini stock is newer but, I'm not sure if it is a Mini 14 or Mini 30 stock (duh)! I guess that's what happens when you have a lot of guns and don't keep track of everything. Such a dilemma! I Love It!

    Anyway, I took some key measurements and they appear to be the same except maybe the older stock has a few hundredth's difference because of wear.

    I'd sure appreciate it if someone can tell me how to determine the difference (if there is)? As you can see in the picture (which sucks), the metal portion of each stock is definitely different.

    Thanks for Your Help.

    I'm gonna sell them both, with the barrel shrouds for $50.00.

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