WTS OR Marlin Glenfield 60 22lr SOLD

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    18 round tube fed magazine; 3/8th inch rail for scope; Shiny bore. Wood finish is in excellent condition. Stock and forearm have a couple minor indents but no cracks. Barrels and magazine bluing about 90 - 95% of original. Some paint missing from receiver. Still goes bang bang.

    Overall rifle is in very good to excellent condition -- It's not used much.

    Price: $125

    Will Trade for:
    12 gauge #7 - 9 Target/Game loads
    2 3/4 inch: 2 cases or more
    40 S&W: 300 rds.
    30-30 Winchester: 200 rounds

    No ammo with any amount of rust will be accepted
    Tarnished brass okay

    Leftside.JPG Topstock.JPG Rside.JPG

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