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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by hammertime, Feb 23, 2010.

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    I am wanting to put a scope on a Marlin 336. I would like to be able to use the iron sights in combination with the scope. Is there a mount that would allow me to see the iron sights through the scope mount base.
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    They are available, it's just the rings that are see through, not the mount so most gun shops should have some but you might want to take your gun in somewhere that stocks them and see if you like it. The see through rings put the scope up awfully high and make you pull your cheek way up off the stock to use. A better option might be to just get some quick release rings so you have the option of removing the scope if you want to use irons.
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    Affirmative to BMW's reply. "See thru" mounts put the scope way up high, so your cheek is off the buttstock comb. This (even with the .30-30) will bust you in the cheek. A Weaver base, with Warne quick-detach rings (turn levers on the side) is how I outfitted my Marlin 94 .357, and my Guide gun in

    Having said that, I put a Weaver base on my Marlin 62 .256 Winchester (few may know what this is), and Millet "Angle-Lock" low rings, and I can actually see my irons underneath! Not much of a surrounding view, but definitely workable if the need presents itself. Can't say if the 336 sights would be visible in this arrangement, but I would imagine so.

    Third option: see if you can find a good set of the old Weaver "swing-off" rings. They are hinged on one side, and click down on the other side with a substantial slab of spring-steel. If you want your scope out of the way in a hurry, you just grab it, and swing it off the top to the non-ejector side of the receiver. Then slap it back over when you are done. They are remarkably "repeatable" when you slap the scope back. Just make sure no pine-needle or the like is trapped on top of the mount base when the ring comes over.

    My brother has this arrangement on his .308 Rem 760 in Alaska, and swears by it. More than a few moose and bears do not argue the point.

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