Marlin 30AW SOLD

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by NWRed, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Cleaning and consolidating this week.

    PTR 91 ( PTR Inc. manufactured), round count is 500 or less, mostly of German DAG surplus. Clean overall, some minor scratches on the receiver from a brass deflector/scope mount. Comes with 9 steel mags, mostly 60's dated. $1100 OBO SOLD

    Real clean Marlin .30-30 that has XS ghost ring sights and a XS scout scope mount. I bought it a couple years ago from a cop who was using it as a patrol rifle until his dept. authorized AR15s and I haven't shot it since, so it's obviously spare to my needs.
    Asking $475 with the XS upgrades.

    NIB unfired Colt 6940, comes with box/manual/sealed accesory package. Bought this new in 08 and put it on consignment breifly during my divorce. Has some scuffs on the barrel from being on display for a couple weeks til I took it back and put it away. $1500 SOLD

    Trades considered for AR10s and M&P pistols, other firearms are a possibility. (9mm and 40SW M&P pistols are $400+tax NIB with 3 mags locally.)

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