Marlin .17 917V Bull Barrel Rifle w/Scope

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by conrad, Jan 12, 2010.

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    SPF: That was sure fast! Not sold until funds received.

    Up for sale is a Marlin .17 917V Bull Barrel Rifle. Probably has around 400 rounds down the tube. Overall it is in good condition, no damage to the bluing. There is a small scuff on the butt, but it's nothing bad. Finish is Walnut hardwood.

    Comes with:
    -2 Mags - 4 and 7 shot

    -50 rounds CCI .17

    -NcStar Scope P4 Sniper / 1.5-6x40 - I have it sighted in and I can put a pretty tight group down from a bench at 100 yards. It's got green LED backlit cross-hairs with a dimmer which is pretty handy for low light conditions. Includes the scope rings and bases, which were spendy suckers.

    -I may have the box laying around, but no promises.

    Prefer FTF in WA, but if that doesn't fit you feel free to PM me. I'll write up a bill of sale, DL required. Asking $230 cash, no trades. Thanks!

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