Maine 2015 Moose Lottery is open.

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    Maine 2015 Moose Lottery is open.

    Last year we hunted Moose in the North Maine Woods (NMW) Zone #4, for the first time and the area makes the rest of Maine look like the big City.

    The area is pure wilderness 3.5 million acres of privately owned timber forest as remote as you can get. Everything must be transported in as there is just about nothing available for hundreds of miles.

    Remote Camping and an experience you will not forget.
    It has the highest population of Moose in Maine and the State of Maine usually issues the highest number of Moose Hunting permits in this area.

    Here is the link to the Maine Moose lottery

    Hunting Week Choice’s

    9-28 to 10-3

    10-12 to 10-17 Usually the Rut is occurring during this time. (Partridge Season is also open!)

    11-2 to 11-07 ( Deer, Bear & Partridge Seasons are also open, The weather is colder)
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