WTS/WTT OR Magnatech ZR200 Hunting Bow

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    I have a Magnatech ZR200 Compound hunting Bow for sale or trade. $300.

    Its in good shape and has taken quite a few deer, and comes with a truglow sight.

    Im looking for the following firearms.
    10/22 preferably a takedown, but anything will do really
    22lr pack rifle
    12 gauge pump action
    .308 bolt action
    military rifles
    winchester 94

    Gun parts I'm looking for.
    Medium, heavy, or bull barrel for a metric pattern FN FAL
    Quad rail for FN FAL
    Scope mount for FN FAL
    FreeFloat Quad Rail for AR15 Keymod etc, two piece would be best. Any length longer than carbine. Would also take a freefloat rail with the cut out for the standard fixed A2 front sight, would have to be the midlength version. Would also take a midlength troy drop in battle rail (this is the two piece non freefloat version)
    SWFA Super Sniper 10x or 6x must have mils on the turrets and the reticle, MOA will not work.
    A nice bipod
    Veridian light/green laser combo
    any quality light laser combo for pistol, must be green laser.

    BTW the sight isnt pink, that is just an artifact of the camera. The camo sight actually matches the bow very nicely.


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