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    Lowpriceguns Cost Sale
    Lowpriceguns Dealer Cost or Below Cost Sale Today and Tomorrow Only 7/10 & 7/11 for Northwest Firearms Members.

    I decided I wanted to clear out overstock & inventory I’ve had too long. I’m running a 2 day Sale starting today on items listed below. All prices below are Wholesale/Dealer Cost or Less, unless the item has a (*) in front, which means it is slightly above cost… but every other item on the list is priced at what I paid, or less in many cases. Yes, you can get the items below at what I paid or less today or tomorrow I’m not going out of business, but could use the cash flow with mid-summer being a slow time of the year for gun sales, and show orders coming due. Limited to quantities on hand at the Bellevue Location for 2 days only. First come – First served. Super investment opportunity! Load up! Since this sale is at cost or less, prices are for cash. Debit is an additional 2%, and credit is an additional 3% (You all know I normally absorb these costs, but cannot due to the nature of this sale). Jason - Owner Lowpriceguns

    Many items listed are BELOW COST

    Address: 13433 NE 20th ST STE I Bellevue, WA 98005
    Phone: 425 614 4867
    Hours: 11am to 6pm Monday-Sat (Closed Sunday)

    22LR Handguns--------------------------------------------------------

    USFA Zip Gun 22LR $169
    Cobra Defender 22LR SS $120

    45ACP Handguns------------------------------------------------------

    Kahr PM45 with Lasergrip $695
    EAA Witness Hunter 45ACP $835
    S&W M&P45 $488
    Springfield 1911 Operator Black Wood Grip with Rail $929
    Colt Government 1911 45ACP Brushed SS $890
    H&K45C $899
    Ruger SR1911 Commander $589
    Ruger SR1911 $589
    Sigarms P227 45ACP $785
    FNX Tactical FDE 45 $999

    40SW Handguns---------------------------------------------------------------------

    CZ75 Tactical Sport 2 Tone 40SW (Most accurate 40SW in my opinion) $999
    Beretta PX4 Full Size 40SW No Safety $389
    Beretta PX4 SubCompact w/Safety 40SW $469
    Sig 250 Compact 40SW $459
    Springfield XD40 4" Black $399
    Sig 226 2 Tone 40SW $859
    Sig 226 Black 40SW $729
    H&K P2000 40SW $729
    Walther PPS Black 40SW $499
    FN FNX40 $549 (plus $30 rebate going on through September)
    FN FNS40 $585
    Taurus PT24/7 G2 40SW Compact $339
    Kahr PM40 SS $564
    Kahr CM40 $349
    Taurus PT740 SS Matte $337

    38 Special Revolvers-----------------------------------------------

    S&W 637 - $369

    357MAG Revovlers--------------------------------------------------

    Taurus 608 357Mag Vented 4" Matte SS $499

    410/45LC Revolvers----------------------------------------------

    Bond Arms Texas Defender 45LC/410 $339
    Taurus 513 Raging Judge 410/45LC Black 3" $690

    380ACP Handguns-----------------------------------------

    Walther PK380 with Laser $369
    Colt Pocketlite Mustang 380ACP Black $559 (Rare Gun)
    Cobra CA380 $129
    Keltec 3PAT Black $239
    Tristar C100 - $309
    Walther PK380 NKL - $365

    9mm Handguns-----------------------------------------

    Walther PPS 9mm $489
    Springfield EMP 9mm $979(RARE GUN)
    Sig 290 RS Bitone $419
    Sig 224 Bitone $819
    S&W M&P9C $449
    Taurus PT709 $269
    Taurus PT111Pro $294
    Kahr CM9 $343
    Kahr CW9 $333
    Walther PPX 9mm $349
    Rock Island 1911 9mm $359
    Sig 250 Full Size $437
    Sig 250 SubCompact $409
    Sig 229 Bitone with Laser Used Mint $749
    Springfield XD Bitone Subcompact $459

    22LR Rifles-----------------------------------------------------

    Savage 410/22LR Break Action $399
    Walther HKMP5A5 $419
    GSG Rebel AK47 22LR $399 (Cost)
    S&W M&P 15/22 - 399
    Walther/Colt M4 Full Metal 22LR $419
    Remington 597 AAC 22LR TB $199
    Ruger 10/22 with Laser $279
    Marlin 795 SS 22LR $199
    Chiappa Double Badger 22LR/410 Breakdown $263
    Savage Rascal Black $139
    Keystone Crikett Hardwood Laminate 22LR $149

    9mm Rifles----------------------------------------------------------------

    Taurus CT9G2 9mm Rifle $579

    45ACP Rifles-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Just Right Carbine 45ACP Takedown $629

    7.62x39 (AKs)Rifle/Pistols ----------------------------------------------

    IO Hellpup Pistol 7.62x39 with Stabilizing Brace and 75RD Drum Mag $829
    IO Hellhound with Wood top/Black Rail Bottom Forend / ATI Folding stock $719
    Century Centurion 39 Milled Reciever $619

    5.56 Rifles/Pistols------------------------------------------------------------

    Century Arms M85PV 5.56 AK style pistol with Stabilizing Brace/Magpul Grip $599
    Sig P556 10" Pistol with Stabilizing Brace Plus Sig Red Dot Plus TLR Streamlight $1399
    Sig PM400 11" Pistol Flat Dark Earth New KEYMOD Rail $999
    Sig P516 7" Pistol with Stabilizing Brace $1399
    Bushmaster XM15 with Diamondhead Handguard & Fostech Bump Fire Stock $1350
    *FN SCAR 16S FDE $2299
    Colt LE6920 Flat Dark Earth OR OD Green Magpul Edition 16" Rifle $899
    *Tavor Black OR Flat Dark Earth 16" Rifle $1650
    Anderson AM15 (RF85 Coating / No oil needed ever!) $1099
    DPMS MK12 Competition Model 18" JP Trigger(Most accurate out of the box AR!) $1299
    Colt Competition Model 18" $1199
    Bushmaster XM15 14.5" Rifle with Magpul Camo Kit $799
    CMMG MK4 16" Bull Barrel $669
    Ruger SR556 CLA 14.5" $1359
    Ruger SR556 with Quad Rail MINT USED $1099
    Sig P556 10" $959
    Sig P516 10" $1389

    308 Win Rifles / Pistols -----------------------------------------------------------

    Colt LE901 308 Modular Carbine $2174
    Windham SRC308 $1046

    Bolt Action Rifles-(all reduced BELOW cost!)------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tikka T3 SS 270WSM $619
    TCA Venture 270WSM $360
    Remington 750 Woodsmaster 308 $650
    Remington 7600 308 pump action $540
    Rossi Braztech MR223 Single Shot $199


    *Escort Marineguard 18" $279 (Total Marine Proof Coating)
    FN SLP MK1 Tactical $1094
    *Keltec KSG $949
    *RWC Saiga 12GA $649
    Remington Versa Max 12GA Tactical $1099
    Sar PASP 12GA $299
    Ithaca Pump Tactical Pistol Grip Special Edition $599
    Citadel 12GA 22" Pump $229


    Federal 223 55GR 500RDS Brass $179


    Fostech Outdoors Bump AR Bump Stock Kit $379
    Goal Zero Solar Battery Products AT COST
    Gunvault Speedvault SV500 $129 ( No Tax on Safes!)
    50% off all Freeze Dried Food in stock (no tax on food either!)
    CMMG 300 Blackout 16" Upper $489
    CZ P07 Duty Mags $35
    PS90/P90 30RD Mag $15
    FNAR 308 20RD Mag $35
    Mecgar 1911 8rd 45ACP Mag $15
    Promag Sig 552 30RD $9
    Theramold AR15 5.56/223 Mag 30RD $7.99
    Promag Saiga 410GA 30RD Drum $79
    Promag Marlin 795 22LR 30RD Drum $25 (We have this gun for sale on list)
    Plinker Tactical M&P15-22 22LR 35RD Mag $15
    Tapco SKS 20RD Black Mag $9.99
    Promag DPMS LR308 20RD $15
    H&K USP9 15RD , USP9C 13RD, USP40 13RD, USP40C 12RD $27

    AR Lower Recievers----------------------------------------

    Code Red Stinger AR Lower $29
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    Man that's a lot of inventory
  3. Ops

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    i work tomorrow so I miss out again. those sr1911's look tempting
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    is the Colt Pocketlite a polymer frame or metal? and what makes it so "rare"?
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    -.- My luck.

    This isn't a private sale. Why can't I be 21 already. Some good prices on several handguns there. Good luck with the sales.
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    Good deals here Sig 227 for under $800
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    There's a used one for sale here for more than that. ;)

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