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Low cost 6.5CM & 30.06 at BiMart


BiMart is selling at a nice discount TC & Mossberg rifles in 6.5CM and 30.06. 200.99 or less for either. Don't wait if you are in the market. At least see if your local Bimart has inventory if you are considering either of these hunting rifles.


Whisky Tahoe
Buy one of each and let us know how they shoot for you. Ive heard some pretty promising stories about the compass being exceptionally accurate rifles.
You could buy each rifle in each caliber and keep the best one of each caliber and brake even or make money when you sell the other 2 rifles.
I hate to say it... but the 6.5 simply shoots and is pushing the 270 and 06 back in the safe
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Arms Collectors of SWW show is back!
Battleground Community Center
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