WTS WA LOTS of Powder, Bullets, and Brass.

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    Doing a spring cleaning in the reloading room, selling off some of my unused components.

    ----POWDER, 1LB/EA----
    1x Blue Dot-------$25
    1x Unique---------$25
    1x Power Pistol---$25
    1x Accurate #7---$25
    3x Accurate 1680-$30
    1x H322-----------$25
    2x H335-----------$25
    3x Leverevolution-$25
    1x Benchmark---$30
    1x Win 231-------$30 (over 1lb left out of an 8lb jug)
    1x Varget--------$30

    *.30 caliber*
    400- 110gr Nosler Varmageddon Ballistic tip------$20 per 100
    200- 150gr Hornady Interlock soft point-----------$20 per 100
    100- 150gr Hornady soft point round nose--------$20
    500- 150gr Hornady FMJ boat tail with cannelure-$18 per 100
    200- 168gr Nosler custom competition HPBT------$25 per 100
    100- 208gr Hornady A-Max Ballistic tip-------------$25

    *6.5mm/.264 cal*
    100- 95gr Hornady V-Max Ballistic tip---$25
    175- 120gr Sierra GameKing spitzer----$40
    100- 129gr Hornady SST Ballistic tip----$25

    *5.56mm/.223 cal*
    550- 55gr Hornady soft point with cannelure--$40 SOLD

    3000- .223/5.56 processed mixed brass (fully processed by Sage's Reloading Supply) mix is about 60% Lake City-----------$100 per 1000
    1000- .223 once fired tumbled/polished mixed brass----$50
    300- .45 ACP brass LPP-------------------------------------$15
    250- .270 win once fired brass-----------------------------$40 SOLD

    1000- Remington Large Rifle Primers-----------------------------------------$30
    300- .45 ACP 230g X-treme plated RN bullets-------------------------------$25
    2- Sets of 9mm RCBS dies---------------------------------------------------$20/ea
    1- Set of .264 LBC AR/small base reloading dies (also for 6.5 Grendel)-$20 SOLD

    :s0034:PM, Email, text, or call Ian @ (253) 347-1478
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    IMG_2356.JPG IMG_2361.JPG IMG_2370.JPG
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