Unless otherwise noted, all holsters are tan

El Paso pigskin lined 1870 Slim Jim for large frame Ruger Bisley Vaquero 5.5" , may as well be new, $50 shipped SOLD!

Boyt WWII style M-7 tanker holster for 1911, slighty used but in good shape, $25 shipped SOLD!

Freedom Arms M83 shoulder holster for 4 & 5/8", close to new, $60 shipped SOLD!

Roy's Leather Goods (black) 3-slot, thumb-break, pancake for Colt SAA 5.5", used but good shape, $20 (here you go Rob!) SOLD!

Triple-K Cheyenne for 4 & 5/8" single action revolver (SAA, New Vaquero), new, $25 shipped

Triple-K suede, front-break, shoulder holster for 6.5" S&W N-frames, new $20 shipped SOLD!

Buchheimer (black) drop loop, thumb-break, basketweave, duty holster for 1911, new but dusty, well made, $25 shipped SOLD!

Boyt (black) Jordan Trooper for S&W Model 15, USAF issue, has purchase order # stamped on back, new but has small scratch, $20 shipped.

Shaddo (black) Askins Avenger style for 4" K-frame, new, $20 shipped

Rogers plastic breakfront for 4" K-frame, has jacket slot, drop-loop, brown kydex (?) with leather thumb-break, blast from the past y'all, very good shape, $20 shipped

Bucheimer (black) field holster, thumb strap and snap belt loop for small frame 2" revolvers. Good shape, $15 shipped SOLD!

Bianchi #1 (black) basketweave for Ruger Single Six w/ 4 & 5/8", dry, needs to be fed, but OK shape with life left, $15 shipped. SOLD!

Bianchi (black) basketweave, swivel drop loop, thumb strap, for 4" N-frame, new but a bit shopworn, $25 shipped

Molle vest that does not fit XL sized folks :(, new, desert camo, $20 shipped

Buy any two and get $5 off, any three and get $10 off.

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