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looking for a Tacoma area stock shaper/finisher

I was given an old 8MM Mauser 98 by my dad recently that been collecting dust in a gun cabinet for 40 years. Its in decent shootable shape - was converted to a sport stock maybe in the 40's (poorly I might add). Anyhow - seeing as how its been n our family a long time, and should blast an elk or moose just fine - I want to spruce it up a bit.

I bought an inletted walnut stock from a guy in california and want to find a woodworker / stock maker who can finish the job of fitting the barreled action. Nobody seems to have any good suggestions.

I'd then like to get the action and barrel reblued, and have a decent scope fitted to the rifle.

Pictures attached are: my old Mauser 98 rifle, the new walnut stock with ebony tip, and a representative rifle of the hopeful outcome. (not sure what order they come up as...

Any suggestions would be nice - and I appreciate the help.

stock photo 2.jpg


My stock is thoroughly cracked and too thin. The copper belly band was a 1930's or 40's repair - sort of like a crutch for the crack. Sourcing and finding an old military stock was the same money as the nice walnut. Good thought though Mark. I just figured there are so many of these out there - there really is no need to "create" a new - old mauser. If Im spending the money - I'll might as well modernize it and scope it. Add to that this stock appears to have a Seahawks logo in the butt grain, and being a fan,. I had to have it... I'll see if I can add a picture - see the resmblance - or have I lost my mind....


photo (10).jpg
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