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LNIB Walther/Smith and Wesson PPK/S .380

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Nomad1911, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Nomad1911

    Nomad1911 Beaverton New Member

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    I have Walther/S&W PPK/S .380 with 2 7 round mags,pocket holster and a hogue slip on grip, that I would like to trade for something larger in .22lr,.32 acp,.380 acp,9mm,9mm makarov,.38 S&W Webley,.38-200 Webley,.38 special,.38 super,.357 magnum,.357 sig,.40,.41 magnum,.44 special,.44 magnum,.410,.45 Long Colt,.45 acp,.45 gap,.454 casull, or .455 Webley. I like the PPK/S but I would rather have something larger.

    Trade value is $500-$600,these are selling for more on gunbroker and buds so this value is fair,if your gun does not sell for around that range then I will require some cash along with your offer to even out the trade.

    I will also take trades for single shot pistols in rifle calibers.
    This model is post recall as it was manufactured this year.(2013)

    Here are some guns I am interested in:
    S&W(metal framed pistols preferred but I also like the SW99 and M&P series)
    Glock(17,19 or 26 prefered but I will also take other models gen 3 or 4 only unless you have a gen 2 that comes with a good amount of extras or there is something special about it like a silver slide)
    Caracal C or F 9mm
    Canik 9mm pistol
    Beretta Neos,Nano,92,96,PX4,or Beretta clone
    Taurus 7-8 shot .357 magnum,6 shot .44 magnum,PT92,1911,or Judge
    CZ 9mm or .40
    Daowoo DP51
    2 Tokarev Pistols or 1 Makarov pistol with ammo.
    Chiappa M9 or Model 27
    1911 in 9mm or .45
    NAA mini revolver
    EAA 9mm
    H&K VP70Z(these sell for $450 - $550)
    Kel-Tec PMR30
    Ruger GP100,SP101,LCR,LCP,LC380,Blackhawk,SR9,SR40,SR45,Mark II,MarkIII,or 22/45
    Magnum Research MR9
    Walther P99,PPQ,or PPX 9mm or .40
    Mac 10/11 pistol
    XD9 or XDM9
    Stoeger Couger Silver 9mm
    Thompson Contender/Encore or similar
    Steyr M40 or 9mm
    Tristar 9mm or .40
    Sig 9mm or .380

    Or what do you have?

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  2. Nomad1911

    Nomad1911 Beaverton New Member

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  3. Nomad1911

    Nomad1911 Beaverton New Member

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    Updated with better pics.
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