leverlution 44 mags and brass for 44mag,357mag,38spcl,30-30,45-70

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by blitz, Aug 19, 2011.

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    need some extra cash for a camping trip so some of my reloading stuffs needs to go

    44mag (141) fiochi,remington
    357 mag (109) federal
    38 spcl (95) remington
    30-30 (47) fc hornady
    45-70 (20) remington

    the brass is all once fired except the 45-70, i think that has been reloaded 1 time

    i will also throw in a box of hornady leverevolution 225 gr ftx's for 44 mag
    it is missing 4 rounds so there is 16 factory loaded rounds total
    and the 4 pieces of brass are there too

    30$ for all of it
    all of it goes together, it is not really worth it to me to piece it out

    i cannot get a pic to upload on here so i uploaded one to imageshack
    here===> Imageshack - dscf2368o.jpg

    you need to be willing to pick it up in the beaverton area
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