LeFever Nitro Special 12 gauge Double Barrel Shotgun -Nice- $450

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    For sale is a LeFever Nitro special 12 gauge. It is all original and in nice cosmetic and mechanical condition. The serial numbers indicate it was made in 1922.

    This is a super sturdy boxlock design with durable barrels that will handle modern loads without any problems. The wood is in exceptional condition and this gun is ready to head to the range for that trap or skeet session or just to keep around as an example of quality craftsmanship of a bygone American era.

    The bores are nice and bright and everything functions as expected.

    This is the standard not the "A" version and has the flying duck engraved on the side of the receiver

    I've had a few emails about the 12 gauge. I apologize for the delay in getting back with people. The Nitro Special has 28" barrels and has full/modified chokes.

    I've included a few images. I'm terrible at taking pictures and have trouble getting a full sized image to show any details so they're all close up. It's the least flattering way of taking images so you're getting a "warts and all" view ;>)

    Oh, I should have mentioned. It's 7.25 lbs. Here's a couple other images:
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    What are the chokes, and roughly how much does this gun weigh?

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