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LCR Holsters. CZ Posters. ect.

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by Clarkston_cz, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Clarkston_cz

    Clarkston_cz Clarkston, Washington Member

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    A few Gun Stuffs to go as I wind down from selling items.

    CZ factory Poster set of 3 posters!.

    CZ P-01/PCR, P-09 Duty and Awesome 3 (CZ Shooting Team) poster set
    direct from the CZ Factory.

    Just released P-09 Duty poster.
    As usual, a Smoking Hot CZUB model holding
    as CZ!

    Looks like this with some different writing,

    my last one for a while until I buy more posters.


    I only have one set left.

    Also :
    The CZ Shooting Team (Europe)Awesome Three Poster!

    FREE CZ memorabilia: CZ-USA decal, CZUB Pin and P-07 keyring.

    75B, CZ83, CZ100, Kadet and (most) All CZs! NEW Poster for 2010!

    P-01 PCR. Shows CZ's most popular selling 9mm.




    I accept PAY PAL for most items ( except hi-cap mags, ammo), including poster sets.

    No one else sells CZ Poster sets, Price is $58 shipped. ($60 PP)
    ( That's a down from $62 or $73 )

    Buy them while you can! Contact me with any questions. =====================================================================
    Vintage Glock Posters -Police Patches, Break In Case Of Emergency!
    I now have 3 Glock posters for sale. Both of these have small pin holes in each corner but are serviceable for your gun room.Break In Case Of Emergency Police patches-fifth in the series of five.

    Looks kind of like this one.


    ( some slight watermark on the bottom)

    Police Patches- third in the series of five.(no pin holes)

    These posters were cool when they first came out.

    $55 shipped. Buy them somewhere else if you can find them.


    SIG SAUER Decals.

    decal set as shown.


    $25 money order or 28 Pay Pal.

    RUGER LCR HOLSTER, Pocket or IWB..New in package.Free Ship!
    I ordered two pocket holster for my LCR, this one arrived late. This can be used as a pocket holster or IWB for your revolver. It should fit any LCR or Detective Special. I ship for FREE (cont.usa)! pix415839874_zps13cec873.jpg
    $28 shipped.
    Money orders or Pay Pal (add $3) please. Unlike other places right now, I have this in stock and there will be no back orders or delays when you win buy from me.

    Custom Made Ruger LCR Holster-Free Shipping!
    Immaculate condition!

    Like NEW RUGER LCR HOLSTER. Clament Custom Leather holster for the Ruger LCR.(no CT) I really like this holster but can't wear it with my double layer High Noon belt. Great craftsmanship and i don't want to ruin it by cutting on the belt slots.

    $62 Shipped for money orders, use or Pay Pal $63


    Thanks for your interest..
    ========I accept US Postal or Money Gram money orders, or now Pay Pal.
    KEV czrami@hotmail.com