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    hey guys!

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on the lc9s. I'm interested in the firearm but am not sure if I should add it to the collection. I have a shield 40, xds 45, 938 extreme, glock 26, and a lcp. I've had some issues with all of the mentioned except for the lcp and glock 26. All of the pistols have been ironed out, but I tend to carry the 26 and lcp because they give me reliable confidence. The research I've done on the lc9s points to make sure the guide rod has been updated which ruger has done to the new ones. The magazine disconnect is a little funky but I have some experience with it because I have a 22-45. For all the lc9s owners out there, how do yall like the pistol and how does it compare to other carry pieces. All thoughts, experiences and input is appreciated! Happy November!!!!!
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    I traded my LC9 for one because I really hated the trigger on the LC9. The "s" is worlds better and actually pretty nice little firearm. However, I'm 6'4" and have pretty big hands so it's too small and even with the mag extension it's still not comfortable for me. So... I just happen to have one for sale. I kept the crimson trace from the LC9 and put it on this, and have 5 magazines and 3 holsters. I've only fired 50-75 rounds through it so it's as close to new as you can get... I'm planning to post it in the classifieds but haven't yet. I'm an FFL so it needs to have the proper paperwork for a sale.

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    I have one and like it so far, replacing a G23.
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    Great trigger, accurate and I did remove the mag disconnect safety without issues -- needed to sell mine to fund other priorities... Loved the weapon...

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