Large Lot of reloading supplies $350

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by Snapple, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Large lot of Reloading Supplies $350

    LEE 3-hole Turret press

    CH4D Single stage press on a stand

    RCBS Case Trimmer 2
    RCBS 5-0-5 Scale
    RCBS Powder Trickler
    RCBS . 44 Magnum/special 3 die set
    RCBS .338 Win Mag 2 die set
    RCBS .7mm Remington Mag 2 die set
    RCBS Case Lube pad
    RCBS Case Lube
    RCBS Small case neck brush

    Holster- Hunter Co model 1100-4


    50pcs New .44 mag brass unprimed
    50pcs New .44 mag brass primed
    44pcs .44 mag brass primed 1xfired
    150pcs .44 mag brass 1xfired

    10pcs 7mm Rem mag loaded factory rounds
    10pcs 7mm Rem mag new brass
    45pcs 7mm Rem mag brass 1xfired

    36pcs .270 new brass primed
    22pcs .270 new brass
    43pcs .270 brass 1xfired
    4pcs .270 brass primed 1xfired

    11pcs .30-06 loaded rounds
    39pcs ,30-06 primed brass 1xfired
    27pcs .30-06 brass 1xfired

    100pcs .222 Remington new brass
    20pcs .222 Remington brass 1xfired

    9pcs .243 brass 1xfired


    60- Sierra .270 cal 150gn spitzer BT
    45- Sierra .270 cal 130gn spitzer BT
    14- Hornady .270 cal 150gn spire point

    89- Sierra .30cal 180gn spitzer BT
    4- Nosler .30cal 180gn spitzer BT

    61- Sierra 7mm 160gn spitzer BT

    100- Sierra .44cal 240gn JHC Power jacket


    226- CCI Large rifle primers
    59- CCI Large rifle magnum primers
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