Large Cornerstone retaining wall blocks and caps

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    went a little overboard when I ordered up all the blocks for my retaining wall. I have a bunch of the Cornerstone Retaining wall blocks purchased from Mutual Materials left over. There are 21 of the hollow core wall blocks and 8 of the strait side Cap stones. All of the blocks are 8" tall by 18" wide by 12" deep. The hollow blocks are roughly 80lbs ea and the caps are 115lbs or so for a total of roughly 2600lbs. I paid $7and some change per block. Asking $140 for the lot, you haul but I can help load. I have a utility trailer than can haul about half of them if someone needed them dropped off somewhat close to where I am at. These are located on the west side of hillsboro. Will consider trades for gun stuff.


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