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    Here are 3 knives for sale and shooting books and a sling.

    2 of the knives are Solingen one has 458 stamped on it and the leather discs are a little loose no sheath.The other has "Edge Brand" and it looks like "T8" on the other side of the blade comes with sheath.Last knife is a "Puma-Hunter-Friend" comes with sheath has a little rust near brass hand guard.Sling is a older "Boonie Packer" BP-52 this will work with AR-15/M-16 Carbine collapsible "car" type stock.It's for a RIGHT HANDED SHOOTER.I'm a lefty shooter .Shooting books.

    Price on knives top to bottom $35.00 $25.00 $100.00
    Sling is $20.00

    The Fal Rifle “Blake Stevens” The Collector Grade Publications $110.00
    SLR “Ian Skennerton” $65.00
    Position Rifle Shooting “Bill Pullum” $45.00
    Metallic Silhouette Shooting “Elgin Gates” $35.00
    The Military and Police Sniper “Mike R. Lau” $35.00
    The One-Round War “Peter R Senich” $50.00 SOLD
    The Complete book of U.S. Sniping “Peter R Senich” $50.00
    U.S. Marine Corps Scout-Sniper WWII and Korea “Peter R Senich” $50.00
    The Modern Gunsmith Vol 1&2 with Supplement and box “James Howe” $145.00
    Model 1903 Springfield rifles “Nra reprint” $30.00

    The Senich books are hard back.These books are bound with covers
    The newer versions are flat bound.BUYER PAYS SHIPPING PAYMENT US POSTAL MONEY ORDER PLEASE. I can send better pictures of the knives "Close Ups" if you need it.

    Scott Hannah


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