Kimber 82 G Ammo Testing

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    I have completed some ammo testing and it was very fun.

    I have always wanted a Kimber 82G but haven’t come across the right deal just yet. I wished I had purchased one back when the CMP program was selling them. Luckily I have access to one from a close friend and he was willing to loan it to me. After spending sometime with it on the range I decided to expand upon the 22 rifle testing I started here.


    This testing would be conducted a little differently than the previous. This time I would use a recently purchased Otis Kit. Between each group I would use 1 wet patch of 50/50 Hoppes and Kroil then one dry patch. I would then fire 5 rounds on a test target before firing for final group numbers. The Otis Kit would prove to be very handy much easier and quicker than using a rod.

    Analyzing The Results:

    To get accurate measurements of the groups I utilized OnTarget software. I was really shocked to see the ammunition that finished 8th in the previous testing would finish at the top of the list in the Kimber. This is proof that each rifle will prefer a certain brand of ammunition and as you can see from this test it is worth doing the work to find the right ammo, not to mention this is just fun.

    Stop by to see the full report and the actual targets.

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