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    I have a nice KAHR P40 I would like to trade. I traded for it on an AR15 I sold so it's new to me. I really want to keep it but I already have a Glock in 40. I really need a 9mm in the fleet so I would like to trade for a Glock 19 or maybe even a 26. The gun is in great shape and appears to have very low round count. It has a five round and a six round mag as well as the box and a holster. The guy I got it from told me he ran 3 mags through it and that was it. I guess if someone wants to buy it outright that would work as well. 550.00. I can see why people like this as a conceal carry gun. Very slim profile. If I don't sell it by next weekend I guess I'll just have to go shoot it hehe....:thumbup: I have a couple of pics I can email you, I cant seem to post pics:huh: Thanx for any interest.


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