Kahr p40 with box and 2 mags

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    up for trade i have a Kahr p40 with 2 mags and the plastic box.
    it has the black slide.
    i am the second owner.
    i have put around 250 rounds through it i dont know about the previous owner.
    this is my first kahr and i noticed the slide wobbles a bit more than on any other handgun i have used. but only when there is no magazine in the gun.

    there is a bit of wear on the slide and a few scuff marks.

    i have giant sausage hands so i would like to trade it for a larger gun chambered in 40.
    glocks and sigs would take priority.
    FNP would be nice.
    no springfield XD's
    i will look at rifles just offer away the worst i can say is no.
    will get photos up later tonight

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