WTS/WTT WA KAC SR15 Mod 1 Dimpled & Mint

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Chandlerseattle, Jun 11, 2016.

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    I have a pristine KAC SR15 Mod 1 that has less than 100 rounds down the barrel from me and less than 200 from the original owner. It has been cleaned each outing and maintained with the utmost attention to detail. I was only using it for precision shooting in a SPR format for about 3 range trips. Never ran hard. I purchased it off the EE here a while back. It did not come with the factory case or magazine but I do have the mag block and manual etc.

    When I purchased it I sent it off to Marvin Pitts to dimple the barrel in front of and behind the gas block as well as to install an AAC 51T muzzle device. This work was just under $400 and a long wait time.

    There may be a few tiny nicks or faint marks on it from bumps in the safe but it is 98-99%.

    I am not interested in any other trades besides a SCAR 17 FDE. Thanks! I will be adding cash.

    I am at $2100. I am NOT in a rush to sell and therefore won't be taking any offers.

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