K98 Mauser (Russian captured)

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    In better-than-decent shape for what it is. Nazi eagles still intact (haven't been X'd out). Receiver made by Mauser in Berlin in 1943. Stock is in very very good shape; no cracks, and no repairs had to be done on it. Bolt parts and magazine floorplate match eachother. Trigger guard, receiver, rear sight and base, barrel clamp and sling loop match. Haven't fired it, but will the next time I go ammo shopping get some 8mm. Couldn't get a bore shot, but the rifling is strong and crisp, and you can see that for yourself when you examine the rifle.

    Cash price is $500
    Trade interests... partial trades where applicable

    Handguns: S&W and Ruger medium-size and snubnose revolvers preferably in .357, single-action .357s, Glock 19, 26, S&W M&P9, XDs9, metal-framed S&W semiautos, commander and officer-sized 1911s, CZ75, Beretta 92FS, Ruger LC9, Kahr CW9, Walther PPK, Sig P238. Might be interested in other handguns in 9mm, .357, .380. Only .45s I'm interested in are 1911s.

    Rifles: Russian SKS, Chinese SKS that takes AK mags, other combloc SKSs + cash, .357 lever actions, Keltec .223 rifles, 9mm carbines. WASR AK (no gas block or sight cant, or must be very minimal). Might be interested in a Mosin sniper (must be original).

    Open to all other firearms offers, so feel free to offer anything even if its not listed.

    Willing to ship to FFL and C&R holders (sale only, no long-distance trades, you pay all fees)




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