Israeli RL-83 (Blindicide) Multi-Purpose free flight missile launcher $250.00

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    This a Israeli RL-83 rocket launcher this weapon type was widely used through out the world.This launcher may have been captured from the Egyptions by the Israels Army in the June 1967 Six Day War. Launcher has a overall length
    of 68 inches extended and a folded length of 36 inches. The RL-83 has mechanical sights that gave it a maximum
    range of 400 meters. It used a wide array of ammunition types from HEAT to illumiation rounds. This launcher has been
    used but is in good condition and all mechanics work. The launcher has been deactivated to ATF requirements, an 83mm
    hole in the side that I have covered and a bar welded in place at the rear of the tube so a round cannot be inserted
    in to the tube. There are no rounds included with the launcher. If you have any questions call me at
    541-258-8558 thanks Ted.

    Cost: $250.00

    Blindicide pictures by photobucketuser31 - Photobucket

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