Interarms Starfire Model 30 MI 9mm for trade

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Rvrcowboy, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Up for grabs is an Interarms Starfire Model 30 MI 9mm
    Gone - Traded

    comes with 2 factory mags.

    Excellent handgun, I have put 100 rounds through it with no misfires, jams, etc.
    Ambi safety, sa/da, excellent trigger pull. I'd say 85% shape.

    I would hang on to it til kingdom come, but, I am looking for something a bit more compact and lightweight. Im going to be doing a fair amount of backpacking and tracking for deer/elk and need to pare back the weight Im carrying.

    Trades would be: compact 9mm or .380, preferably glock/beretta/ruger/xd etc. I am open to suggestions. I am placing the value of my firearm at $325.00. Please consider this when submitting trade suggestions. For the time being I am not considering wheel guns for trade.

    Only other trades would be a 30-06/7mm/300 bolt gun, again same value as above. I am somewhat able to trade up with cash, but nothing over 375 total (i.e 325.00 for my pistol and $50 cash to you for a weapon worth 375.00)

    There are two other mags and a blackhawk holster that I will chip in for the right deal.

    Pics are below. Thanks for looking, if you need further info, please PM me.



    Thanks Again....
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