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I'm not "new" but...

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by mkwerx, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. mkwerx

    mkwerx Forest Grove, OR Well-Known Member

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    I'm getting fed up with the "80% complete" bit by my profile.

    My name is Mark. I'm a professional vehicle relocation technician (a BS title some coworkers came up with) - aka tow monkey. Been doing it for ten years now. I've also been a bus driver, a security monkey, a martial arts instructor, and a mighty morphene power ninja recon republican space ranger (okay, that last one is made up BS too).

    My favorite firearm I've ever owned was a Federal Arms FA91 - a lovely, heavy clone of the HK91. Whoever out there bought my gun, I hope you're enjoying it. My next favorite is the AR-15. I also dig WW1 and 2 vintage bolt guns.

    I like long walks along a river bank waving funny expensive sticks around, sitting around a camp fire watching the flames dance, and the smell of Hoppes #9. I'm also happily married with a toddler. :D

    So, hopefully that 80% nonsense goes away now!
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  2. fredball

    fredball Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Welcome Aboard:s0023:
  3. shotsfired

    shotsfired Ridgefield Active Member

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    I'm a new guy buy glad to have you