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I won a gun ! 1st time !

At the annual cowboy match in Florence, there were 2 Pietta sixguns up for grabs and one of them is mine now !
.45 colt , 5.5" barrel, the recent Piettas are bank vault tight and beautifully done !

Was really happy that it shoots pint of aim ,out of the box with my loads,no sight filing necessary ,. Most Colt clones come with a tall sight for adjusting to your load by filing,kind of nice when one is POA out of the box.

Pietta Great Western 2 , 'Californian'. I"l be ordering a matching one, maybe a tad shorter barrel soon, I like it that much.


Nice Score!
It's bears repeating that Pietta has stepped-up their quality game recently. I took a chance on one about a year ago (Cimmaron Thunderballer .357) and am in no way disappointed... to the contrary, its every bit as "finished" as its Uberti stablemates.

Also, as @Stomper mentioned, they're a much closer copy to the original 1851 design that a Ruger BH or Vaquero and have no transfer bar. Not an issue for load-and-shoot sessions but dangerous to carry 6. If your not all that familiar, load one, skip one, load four.

Have fun! Get another one, they're as addictive as 1911s, maybe more so.

ETA: I reread the OP and saw that this was won at the Old West Shoot in Florence... obviously you're plenty familiar with how to load a sixgun. I'll leave the above "instructions" for future readers who may not know.
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I try to participate in raffles when I can but I'm still waiting for a win lol
I'm a big raffle kinda guy and I've even been a Winner Twice. The problem was that I was the Guest Speaker and just could NOT being myself to taking away their Prize. One was a DU Dinner and the Prize was a VERY Nice Weatherby Shotgun and that was one tough to pass up. I'm NOT a Shotgun guy so it's likely that it would have been a true Safe Queen and I've always been taught that Firearms are built to be used and enjoyed.

Now as a Collector of Smith and Wesson handguns I do have a number that are Unfired but I also have another example of those Same Guns that had been Fired and Enjoyed.

Congrats on your win!!! I have a couple of the Original Vaqueros in .45 Colt to go with the Marlin Rifle in the same Caliber. Now I just wish I was able to get out and enjoy them again. I also have a Ruger in .32 H&R Magnum to go with a Marlin Rifle in the same Caliber. I'm just NOT getting out to enjoy them.
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