I want to buy brass, boxer primed 7.62 by 39

Discussion in 'Ammunition Wanted' started by 347mustang, Apr 23, 2013.

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    I am trying to find a few hundred reloadable rounds . I want to reload all my ammo for now on . I could trade if needed . I do not want to get gouged to bad so if someone out there wants to work a fair deal please pm me . Thank you
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    I have shopped the online market places, and appears everyone is out of reloadable brass 7.62x39 ammo w/ boxer primers. Advertised, but unavailable, Pricing ranges from $.56/rd to over $1 rd plus shipping. I have some 1x brass and a 100 reloaded rds available. Email me if interested in purchase, mremor97367@yahoo.com. Would want current pricing. something like $.60/load round and $22/100 for the brass only. tnx

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