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I don't know if anyone else here has another expensive hobby. Ha. But I am going to give it a shot.

I have several parts from previous builds that I would like out of my yard. I will entertain reasonable offers. I am not interested in any trades at this time. All items are located in Vancouver and you must pick up. I would be willing to ship some on buyers dime.

Pictures are in order of each item.

1) Chevy 8.5 10 Bolt rear end. $275. Gear ratio is 273. 56.5 inches backing plate to backing plate.

2) Model A Frame. $175
Bare model a frame. Slight modification to the frame, looks to be a setup for a flathead?

3) Model A splash Aprons. $100
Original Model A splash aprons. Willing to ship on buyers dime.

4) Rear coil suspension kit. $300
Brand new rear coil kit from speedway motors. Has been opened to check. Picture is of what comes in the kit. Paid over $400 plus shipping from speedway. Can take actual pictures of the kit. Willing to ship on buyers dime.

I can take more pictures of things if wanted.

20190916_180940.jpg 20190504_200807.jpg 20190504_200732.jpg 91649021_L_45ed8780-2a13-49de-b247-ffd3cc01099a.jpg
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