holsters for pre-B CZ-75

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by spengo, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I would like to get a paddle holster for a pre-B CZ-75. Does anyone in here have any in particular they'd like to recommend? I believe any holster that fits a B should also fit a pre-B, but I am not entirely sure. Does the difference in shape of the trigger guard make much difference? Right now I am thinking about this one:

    I am also interested in IWB holsters for concealed carry once I get my license, as well as IWB magazine holsters. Right now I am considering the DeSantis Cozy Partner.
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    yup, I have this one:

    fits fine, i have one for my pre b that I never use because i carry IWB.
    I have a couple of cozy partners for my 1911's but I'm not that keen on those either (sheesh, whiner, i know) ..having the loops mounted on the opening makes for a thick holster.

    I have an HBE holster that has the loops mounted outboard like on the Sparks VMII and it's way more comfy. They also make it for the pre B...

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    I am not terribly keen on the Fobus holster, but others seem to like them (mostly cuz they are cheap). The main problem is the CZ is not the most common holster out there. If you like an open top holster, the Safariland Custom Fit works well, it is a leatherish holster that you can adjust to fit about any service pistol via tension screws.

    The DeSantis is a great holster, though the current fashion is to have the loops placed on the wings as asiparks said. Also, the CZ in that photo is a preB curved trigger guard (it has the old style grips and slide serations) and the holster is a square trigger guard. Looks to sit nicely to me.

    My personal preference is for a pancake holster with thumbsnap. Though for my CZ I have an Askin's Avenger style holster, which is a belt scabbard with a rear belt slot in addition to a belt loop on the back.

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