hk p30 9mm or sw m&P 9MM?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by MILLHOUZ, Mar 25, 2011.


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    Looking to buy a 9mm soon and was looking into a hk p30 9mm and sw m&p 9mm.
    Im hoping to get some feedback from people who have shot these.
  2. Daniel Garris

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    i havent shot an hk p30 BUT i have shot other hand guns and own an m&p9. ive shot glocks in 9mm, 40cal, and 45acp also 1911s and my m&p is by FAR the smoothest recoiling most comfortable gun ive fired and everyone i let shoot is super impressed. you would not be making a bad move with the smith and probably would save a little money lol. hope this helps.
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    I have a p30 9mm and I will say without a doubt it is the best DA/SA gun I've ever shot it would be the last to go.......... along with my sig p228 it has the lowest recoil of my 9mm exept maybe my springer 1911 9mm and it has the 100% ambi controls which can be manipulated with the trigger finger, while it seems odd it it is VERY fast after some practice. I think that if you go with the P30 you may not end up collecting near as may 9mm's as most of us have. With all that said if you want a striker fired you'll need to pass by the HK's............ for now.

    Best of luck
  4. drand


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    I have just been going back and forth with the same question.

    I don't currently own a 9mm but I do have a conversion barrel for my G22 and I have enjoyed shooting it and decided the middle of last year it was time to buy a 9mm and have being looking ever since. I have been somewhat curious about the P30 since ran their 50,000 round challenge on one a few years ago and have always liked the feel of the M&P and heard good reports so these were both near the top of the list. After looking at all the other options nothing else really interested me.

    What this really comes down to for me is whether or not the (in my mind) superior ergonomics and quality of the HK are worth the price difference, striker vs hammer fired and DA/SA vs DAO. The P30s mag release isn't a concern for me as I have a Walther PPS which has the same style mag release and I love it (although I wish it was a little longer, the mag release is shorter on the P30 than the Walther and I prefer it on the longer side).

    I have decided to buy a P30 as I think the ergonomics and quality are worth the price difference. The only real reason I don't have one now is that I haven't had the opportunity to work with the LEM trigger which I am curious about. Although I almost bought a v3 at the Albany gun show a few weeks ago and am seriously considering the one that Crossroads Arms has for sale.

    At the same time I think I have decided I am going to get a M&P in another caliber, maybe .45. I do really think the M&P is one of the best values out there.
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    The HK will not disapoint you! I came across a good deal on a USP 9 a few years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I own a P30 now and love it! Very accurate and not allot of recoil!

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