HK P2000 9mm LEM w/ Night Sights and 3 Magazines

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    Hello all,

    I'm wanting to sell my HK P2000 chambered in 9mm. There is nothing wrong the gun, I'm just selling it to fund another gun.

    Some history on the gun: I purchased it around a year ago used but unfired. The previous owner apparently bought the gun expecting it to be a DA/SA trigger and wasn't satisfied with the LEM trigger configuration. I can confirm the gun was unfired because when I shot it for the first time, it wasn't yet broken in. I've fired probably around 500 rounds through it, so the gun itself is practically new. I have the original case along with the manual, trigger lock, backstraps etc.

    As stated in the title, the gun also comes with night sights and a total of three 13 round magazines. The date code is AI, indicating that it was manufactured in 2008.

    I'll edit this post with some pictures when I take them. I'm thinking of around $700 for the entire package.

    FTF with OR Drivers License and/or CHL. I'm in the Eugene area but arrangements can be made. I sometimes travel to the Portland area.

    503-349-6074 or PM would be ideal means of contacting if interested.
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    HK still for sale? Text me if it is . Rob @ 5038407168

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