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HK Fabarm FP6 Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun 7+1

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HK Fabarm FP6 Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun 7+1 $650 Local Pickup only unless you want to pay for FFL and Shipping cost.
Must have CPL or Military ID to purchase, or we can go to the gun shop together and you can get a background check to show me you are legal to own a firearm. I will be transferring this gun out of my name and into your name with the appropriated paperwork.

Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Always Kept inside the case. Only shot about 150 rounds.
Original owner.
I had the choice of the Benelli or Fabarm that where sitting next to each other at the gun store and after picking up this Fabarm shotgun, I never once even thought about the Benelli after that.
This shotgun is so smooth it feels like it's on ball bearing rails when loading shells into the chamber. Hard to find and is one of the best shotguns in the world.
No longer Imported and one of the hardest to find shotguns out there. Want a Shotgun of pure quality and something that a million other people don't have? This is what you want and no disappointments of any kind except for not being able to find accessories for it since nothing is being imported into the United States. But what else do you need? I already added the 2 shot extension and everything else is there for mounting Red dot sights or add another picatinny rail and add a flashlight or laser.

When it comes to reliability and tactical flexibility, nothing matches the FABARM FP6 Series shotguns. Security professionals agree that a pump-action shotgun is still the best choice for a defensive shotgun. FABARM FP Series shotguns are built to take the toughest abuse confronting today’s law enforcement and security users.

FABARM pump-action shotguns use the same advanced design and manufacturing techniques found on their premium arms. Twin action bars, deep drilled TriBore™ barrels, durable sandblasted anodized finish, as well as interchangeable chokes, make the FP6 one of the strongest and most tactically adaptable pump-action security and utility shotguns available. The ability to mount accessory Picatinny rails on the extended forearm, combined with the rail mount built onto the receiver of many of the FP6 models further enhances the tactical utility of this shotgun.

• Tribore™ chrome lined barrel with heat shield
• free carrier for quick, smooth reloading
• extended forearm has hard points for mounting accessories
• threaded outer barrel for chokes
• Ergal 55 alloy receiver
• can use a variety of accessories, including folding stocks, pistol grip stocks, compact hand grip, and magazine extension
• twin forged action bars for smooth reliable operation
• 3" chamber
• large safety button
• choice of blade sight or Picatinny rail
• lifetime warranty (not sure of warranty is transferable to a different owner)


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