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I’m selling this fully custom, mostly Kidd target 10/22. I built this for NRL22 competition, but ended up going another route and building a base class gun. I considered keeping this one as well, but I need to raise some money for other projects, so I’m offering it up here. This is just about as accurate a gun as you can possibly get out of the 10/22 or any semi-auto 22 lr platform. Below is the build list:

  • Kidd receiver (standard slip fit) in red (discontinued) with integrated rail
  • Kidd rear tang (uninstalled) in red for a second mounting point to the stock
  • Kidd viton bolt buffer
  • Kidd black scalloped bolt
  • Tactical Innovations charging handle
  • Kidd heavy target 16.5” threaded barrel (this is not their ultralight barrel, this is the heavy, all steel bull barrel – has weight to it, but shoots absolutely lights out
  • Brimstone tier 1 tuned trigger group with trigger blade and extended mag release cerakoted to match the receiver in Gun Candy Titan color (done by Brimstone). The tier 1 is the highest quality trigger job Brimstone offers and it is incredible – no take-up or slack, just a crisp, clean break at just under 2 lbs. Every bit as good as my Kidd single stage triggers
  • Victor Titan stock
  • Victor Company cheek riser and spacers – unmounted, so the stock has not been drilled into. Mount wherever is comfortable for you
  • Includes one BX10 and one BX25 Ruger magazine
  • Bipod is a cheap Harris style that I put on for the pictures, but I’ll include it as well
This gun will consistently shoot 1/4” - 1/3” groups at 50 yds with good ammo. I tested mostly with Norma Match and CCI SV and both did great.

Asking $950 for the package and will sell some 22 ammo at pre-panic prices to the buyer of the rifle as well, if desired.

6A313B53-E60E-4FC0-9991-CE2C2D61C990.jpeg D849C8CA-F5C9-4671-AC88-19AAD759B0BF.jpeg E780E0A3-EA8C-4C78-9383-283867E2DE31.jpeg 0B0D431E-DC53-4D32-9F78-178FB9079D7F.jpeg F51A5156-BDBE-4A24-92CB-08721E79366D.jpeg 60A39CF8-2F4A-414C-88BA-A7061FF6DC71.jpeg B35BEC13-026C-4D8F-AD5C-3C8912EC769F.jpeg 9F64D71A-042F-448E-AA61-69432E4A40E9.jpeg 5C36BAFA-6906-48C8-9834-4FA0CB24D48B.jpeg C3CF6856-9D44-4786-8A5B-2FEBA4298AFB.jpeg 8AE45AB0-546B-4413-B5AE-BDA87C20CDF9.jpeg D215DD78-A4B6-4A14-9D06-F30C0EA3CDAE.jpeg CA84EF06-9A9A-453E-8FA9-2F2090058594.jpeg
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