High standard full size 22lr Derringer

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    High Standard double action Derringer 2 shot pistol. Will fire 22lr 22short 22snake shot. Full size grips unlike the cheap knock off derringers and no hammer. Pull the trigger twice it goes bang twice. Nice little piece in great condition. Gun is priced at 3 only because I really prefer a trade for a nice 22 pistol that someone has used and brought the value down to that of my derringer. A good 22lr rifle would be highly interesting too. Does not need to be worth 300 just needs to be something fun for plinking. A older used 9mm would be awesome as well

    Prefer trade or 300 obo. Cheapest I have seen them sell for online used is 300. Much longer barrel for accuracy and you can get your full hand on the grip to fire this with comfort rather than the baby Cobras that you can get 1 or 2 fingers around the grip. Still tiny and lightweight even with a full trigger and grip.

    Trades welcome in nice cheap ammo pistols, revolvers, rifles, open to fair trades on this one. Would love a fun plinking toy of some sort. Please email at kyleportland@gmail.com. please include pic of your offer and I will respond quickly.


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