High End long range 300RUM by autugua rifles

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    300RUM 700 Rem - trued action.
    30'' Hart barrel - full bull contour - very heavy, no recoil at all.
    Barreled action built by Autuagua (stamp on barreled action).
    HS Precision stock with DBM.
    Tuned old-style Remington trigger.

    Very good shooter - ~300 rounds down the barrel.
    Includes a seater die and a bushing style neck sizer die. The neck sizer was cut .002 shorter than chamber length.

    also have 30 pcs once fired brass
    will also include millet scope 6.5x24x56 and the newlon precision dies and a box of 225gr hornady match bullets

    2600.00 shipped as package or 2200.00 rifle and brass and dies only. No scope or bipod.

    Ive owned the rifle for about a month now, its a great rifle but i have rifle ADD and i found an acr i want.

    Im also open to trades so just pm me if you have an interest

    pics are from the original ad when i bought it, nothing has changed ive fired 30 rounds through it. His pics are alot better than mine lol.

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