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    hey everybody, I just signed up on the forum. first a little about me : I've lived here in Oregon for about 9 years, Originally from the east coast ( but don't hold that against me, I'm from Vermont, which is about as different from New York and Mass. As you can get) I work in Corrections, enjoy firearms, and look forward to my archery elk hunt all year. I own a few pistols, a ruger 10/22, a bombproof ruger gp 100, and a very pretty Remington 673. I like many different types of firearms. I know what I like but don't look down, or talk badly about others that don't share my views. I may be looking to buy or sell a few guns from time to time if something strikes my fancy, but I'm just a working stiff. No trust fund kid here. My wife would loose her mind if I came home with a 1500 $ 1911, no matter how much I wanted one. Anyway, that's a little about me
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    Welcome aboard :thumbup:

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