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    Although I am newly registered I have dealt with some here before. My stepson lives and breathes all things regarding firearms. His dad was into it, but he passed away a few years ago. This has been a fun hobby for us, and I am learning a lot.

    Most of the deals that we have made have been done through him. The people that we've met have been great.

    He has been telling me that I should join this site for a while.

    I had been reading and commenting on another local trading site, as well as making some deals. Most are concerned about the attack that we see on the 2A, and I offered up some food for thought on the other site. I believe that if we have a chance at preserving them, that we have to look at the big picture, and that we might have to challenge some of our world views.

    Long story short, the owner of the other site didn't see it that way. The second reason is it takes buyers as well as sellers to have success, and after a little reading today I've learned that many have had a similar experience to mine. I should have taken my stepson's advice long ago, and registered here.

    Like I said I have dealt with some here before, and I'm looking forward to more of that, and helping with some critical thought regarding the problems that we are faced with, if it's welcomed.

    - David
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    Welcome aboard :thumbup:
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    Hello David. Welcome
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    Hi David Welcome to Northwest Firearms. Lets see if I have this right. Did you know there is a section in Northwest Firearms-
    Northwest activities and information - where folks talk about fishing?
    Silver Hand

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