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    Howdy all! Started out as a gun nut reloading my first ammo when I was 12. That was back in the days where you could play army with your buddies shooting BB's at each other without getting kicked out of school or sent to some reeducation camp somewhere...Anywho, when I got my first real job I had a buddy who had an FFL and bought a bunch of rifles and pistols while I was still single and could eat mac-n-cheese a month at a time to save up for toys.

    My favorite rifles in no particular order are:
    Browning A-Bolt .22LR. Dead bang accurate, and oh, so sweet!
    Ruger 10-22 cuz its so durned fun
    Ruger Mini-14 Ranch (old version)
    Browning BAR .30-06 for its versatility

    Actually, they are all my favorites including those not listed...

    It's been the mid-'80s since I've made a purchase, and shockingly the late '90's since I've done any real shooting. I decided that this year I'd take a break from work pressures and start shooting again if for nothing else than an excuse to get outdoors more often.

    Currently setting my sights on a tactical stock for my Mini-14, and maybe trading it for one of the newer Miini-14's since they made some real improvements since I got mine - mostly accuracy. If I do that will probably get one of the tactical ones cuz I like the style better.

    Anywho, nice to meet you all!

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